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A 90-minute hands-on workshop to dig deep into your problems and challenge areas using design thinking and convert them into opportunities for growth.

Feeling stuck with growth or finding it difficult to get your team aligned on your ideas?

Solving business challenges and finding a way forward doesn’t have to be too hard. There’s a fantastic way to convert your moment of stuck to a moment of success.

In this workshop, we identify the areas holding you back and keeping you away from growth. We take you through the tools of mind mapping and draw unique insights within your problem area to frame your challenge statement.

“We’ll take you through the process of identifying your problems, framing them for optimm outcomes, and ideating opportunities to innovate. You’ll also understand how design thinking can be integrated into business processes and set you up for 200% more growth”.

– Natasha J,
Founder, Perceptiveye

The benefits.

1. Go from vague ideas to crystallised strategies

2. Discover various strategic approaches for a solid breakthrough

3. Address difficult problems with creativity

4. Find a way to get your team on board with new ideas

5. Develop a clear understanding of the way your product & service can go to market.

Key Takeaways.

1. A mind map of your core problem area.

2. Diagrams of lean & agile models for your business.

3. Idea to market journey mapping.

4. Your unique opportunity statement.

5. Ideas summary for a way forward.

6. An action plan to bring you colleagues on board with your ideas.

Defining opportunity areas within your business is as challenging as it gets, but with the Scopeshop, you’ll not only identify them but also create the  innovative ideas and map it’s implementation from
product to market.

From designing your products and services for a higher ROI to engaging your target audience and setting up your business processes; the Scopeshop is a great way to setup your business for 200% more growth.

Join us, for a 90-minute fun and interactive session to unlock your business potential, and find creative solutions.


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